Home Loans

Choosing the right loan for you

The Loan Process Timeline

  • Start the Process

    Critical 1st step in knowing your buying power & a valuable tool in helping your offer to be accepted by sellers.

  • Hire an Agent

    Having a trusted Real Estate Team working for you will save you time, money & stress in finding the right property.

  • Home Search

    Make a list of your must-haves. Select homes that meet your property & budget criteria.

  • Make Offer/Sign Contract

    Once your offer is accepted you and the seller will sign a contract.

  • Property & Documentation

    The home is inspected & appraised to support value. Your documents are verified.

  • Closing & Your Keys!

    Upon final loan approval, title company schedules your signing appointment to close and your keys are delivered!

Commonly Requested Documentation

  • 30 days of paystubs or social security or pension award letter
  • Two months of bank statements (all accounts, all pages)
  • Two years of W2's or two years of complete tax returns if self employed
  • Divorce decrees or bankruptcy papers if applicable
  • DD-214 (discharge papers) if applicable

Additional information
required for a refinance

  • Mortgage coupon
  • Hud statement

Do's & Don'ts



Inform us of any changes in your
employment, income and assets.

Continue living at your current residence.

Continue making your mortgage or rent payment.

Stay current on all existing accounts. Advise us in advance of any upcoming vacations for business trips.



Make major purchases.

Apply for new credit card or loans.

Pay off any charges on accounts, collections, loans, credit cards or consolidate your debt.

Close, max out, or overcharge on your credit accounts.

Change bank account or transfer balances from one account to another.

Changes your source of closing funds.

Deposit cash into your bank account.

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